Nemasu is a boutique eco-lodge located on the beach in Southern Gambia.

Nemasu offers a relaxing escape to visitors from around the world who want to experience the natural beauty and vibrant culture of The Gambia.

Nemasu offers a unique experience off the beaten track, surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty.

Nemasu aims to offer a high quality guest experience, while protecting the local environment and having a positive impact on the surrounding community.

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Environmental Sustainability

Solar Energy

Nemasu is entirely powered by renewable solar energy. Solar panels are located on the tops of buildings throughout Nemasu which are used to collect solar energy which is store on batteries to power the eco-lodge throughout the day and night.

Natural Building

Nemasu utilizes a wide variety of natural building techniques and materials. These include the use of local grasses in roofing, and adobe building techniques.

Banana Flush Toilets

Nemasu uses flush toilets which are processed using banana septic systems. Banana Toilets offers a more comfortable flush experience, while still using the power of nature to keep wastewater processing sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Solar Hot Water

Hot water is provided by our solar hot water system that uses the sun to heat water. Water from our natural well is pumped into storage tanks which are fed through a solar heating tube system, and then stored to offer naturally heated hot water.